Install OS image using USB memory stick

Support Article No. 4085
Latest updated: 9/9/2014


  • USB flash drive with at least 8GB


  1. Download the latest OS image for Algiz XRW here and for Algiz XRW3 here. To determine if it's an Algiz XRW or Algiz XRW3 click here.
    1. Download Rufus from HERE.
    2. Plug in the USB flash drive.
    3. Open Rufus.
    4. Choose your device.
    5. Click the button next to “Create a bootable disk using:”
    6. Choose the ISO OS image from step 1 and click “Open”.
    7. Click “Start” and wait for the progress to finish.
  2. Plug in the the USB drive and the AC charger into the Algiz XRW.
  3. Start the Algiz XRW and repeatedly press F11 on XRW or F7 on XRW3 until you see the boot device selection. To see the difference between XRW and XRW3 click here.
  4. Select the USB flash drive (your USB drive probably have another name) and press ENTER key.
    Select boot device
  5. When asked, confirm you want to run the recovery using the arrow and enter keys.
  6. The Algiz XRW will now start the recovery process and will reboot after it is done.