How to perform a BIOS update using a USB memory stick

Support Article No. 3949
Latest updated: 9/4/2014


You would like to update the BIOS on your Algiz 10x V. 1 device.


  • USB flash drive
  • USB keyboard


  1. Make a bootable USB drive - See KB18224 on how to do that
  2. Extract the latest BIOS from here onto the USB flash drive.
  3. Plug the USB flash drive into the Algiz 10X.
  4. Start the Algiz 10X and repeatedly press F3 key until you see the boot device selection
    (If BIOS version is less than 105 use F2 key).
  5. Select the USB flash drive and press ENTER key:
  6. Select a keyboard layout and press ENTER:
  7. Navigate to the folder from step 2, enter “update” and press ENTER.
  8. The BIOS update will now start, the Algiz 10X will reboot when the update is complete.