BIOS for the Algiz 10X

Support Article No. 3813
Latest updated: 1/24/2017


You would like to know what the most current version of the BIOS is for the Algiz 10x V.1 device.


 To determine the latest BIOS available for your Algiz 10x V.1 device, please review the release notes below. 
See KB3949 on how to install a BIOS update

BIOS V.207

  • Fixes Blackscreen, all leds lighted except SSD led.
  • Added fixes for backup battery (Shipping mode, charging)

    Release date 170124.

BIOS v.206

  • Fixes RTC issue.
  • Fixes WiFi control issue, due to CMOS error

    Release date 150125.

BIOS v.204

  • Release date 140909.

BIOS v.201

  • Release date 131215.