OS NX5 old units with X-mainboard

Support Article No. 3720
Latest updated: 9/1/2014

This OS´s only for Nautiz X5 units with the old mainboard X type.

You can find the OS for the new maindboard version at KB3724.

To see how you can determain what mainboard version look at the s/n of your device. The second and third digit in S/N tells you about the mainboard version. If second digit is X you have a X board if second/third is AX you have a AX board.

If you reload wrong OS on your units your mainboard will crash.

The downloads below are all for the same OS version but for different hardware configurations. Pick the one for your device by looking at your S/N. For example "X4" is for a S/N starting with "I600X4...".

You can find a guide on how to install the OS at KB3784.