Screen turns off when touching it

Support Article No. 25730
Latest updated: 8/6/2019

The screen turns off (gets black) when touching it.
In this case, the touch screen driver has become corrupted.

To resolve this issue, remove the current driver and restart the unit. Instructions for the driver removal are below. After the restart, the driver for the touch screen will be installed automatically again.

Please take the following steps to uninstall the existing touch screen driver:

  • Connect a USB mouse to the unit.
  • Open device manager and expand "Human Interface Devices".
    Open the properties of the first "USB Input Device".
    Go to tab "Details" and at "Property" select "Bus reported device description".
    If "Value" starts with "eGalaxTouch..." go to the next step below.
    If not, take the next "USB Input Device", until the one with "eGalaxTouch..." is found.

  • Go to tab "Driver" and click on "Uninstall Device".
    In the next window, click on "Uninstall".

  • Confirm message with "Yes", to restart the unit.

  • After the restart, the driver will be installed again automatically and the issue is solved.