CAN Bus Expansion (A8XEXP-CAN)

Support Article No. 25242
Latest updated: 1/17/2019


To verify if the A8XEXP-CAN module is recognized in the system, open device manager and expand "Universal Serial Bus controllers".
If you see "USB Serial Converter A" and "USB Serial Converter B", the CAN module is recognized and driver is loaded successfully:

If you don't see the two entries, install the driver.


If you are running Windows OS image 95Z0000002EH or higher, the correct driver is already installed.
If not, we recommend to install latest OS image on your unit -> see KB22079
or install the driver manually, which you'll find at the bottom of this page.


Download the test software from the bottom of this page.
Extract the zip file on Algiz unit and run "CanbusTestTool".

Highlight Device :0 then select Run
If you see "Device : 0 ID :..." at "Available Canbus Port" the module is available to use:

Now you can connect your external CAN bus equipment and run your software or the test software, to see if the communictaion is working.