Windows 10 update 1709 boots your Algiz 8x device into the EFI Shell

Support Article No. 24103
Latest updated: 2/6/2018

You apply the Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creator Update 1709 to your Algiz 8x tablet and upon restart, the tablet boots into the EFI Shell.Algiz 8x EFI Shell Issue

This issue was addressed with BIOS update V.020.  If your tablet is running a previous BIOS version and you experience this issue, please follow the steps outlined below to return to the Windows 10 operating system. Once the EFI Shell issue is resolved, ensure that you are running the latest BIOS available for your device. You can obtain the latest BIOS versions and see BIOS revisions HERE

You will need a USB keyboard.

If BIOS V.019 or an earlier version of the BIOS  is installed on the Algiz 8x tablet, take the following steps to resolve the issue.

  • Plug your Algiz 8x tablet into your supplied power source for your tablet.
  • Plug your USB keyboard into an available USB port on the tablet.
  • Start the Algiz 8x tablet. When the Handheld logo appears, begin pressing the "Del" key on the keyboard until the BIOS screen appears.
  • Tab over to the "Boot" Tab. Scroll down to "Boot Option #1" and press the enter key. This will bring up a sub-menu. Using your arrow keys, select "Windows Boot Manager" then press the return key on your keyboard.
  • Scroll to the "Save & Exit" Tab. Highlight "Save Changes & Exit". You will get a confirmation dialogue box. Select Yes to restart your Algiz 8x tablet.
  • Your Algiz 8x will restart and boot into the Windows 10 operating system.
  • Update your BIOS as recommended to the latest version which can be located here.