Factory Reset

Support Article No. 23792
Latest updated: 11/22/2017


You would like to perform a factory reset on your Nautiz X2 device.


Ensure that you have backed up all your critical data prior to performing a factory reset since this will erase all user data and configurations.


The following instructions will assist you in resetting your Nautiz X2 operating system and device back to a factory default state.

To perform a factory reset follow the below steps:

  1. On your device, access "Settings"
  2. Swipe down to "Backup & reset"
  3. Choose "Factory data reset"
  4. Continue with "RESET DEVICE"
  5. Last step "ERASE EVERYTHING"


Your device will be unusable for a couple of minutes while performing the reset. When finsihed you will be faced with the blue Android "Welcome" screen.