Touch - Firmware update T11

Support Article No. 23654
Latest updated: 10/18/2017


This firmware update for Algiz 10X V3's touch includes adjustments of touch sensitivity against noise.


Follow the steps below, to install touch firmware update:

  1. Connect the unit to AC charger.
  2. Download zip file (at bottom of this page) and exract it on Algiz 10X V3.
  3. Run "eGalaxUpdate2.exe".
  4. Click button <Load Image>:
  5. Select the firmware file "PCAP3160UI_2284_v00_T11_33x52_C000_PCAP_UI_DThqa.3160UI".
    This file is located in the same folder as "eGalaxUpdate2.exe":
  6. Click button <Go!>:

  7. Do not use the unit or click on the touch till firmware update is done !
  8. Update is running:
  9. When update is done you'll see a green status bar with text "Firmware update Success."
    Check the touch version at "Version" under "Current Controller":
  10. Click button <OK>.
  11. Done.