GPS - CDC driver for u-blox

Support Article No. 23643
Latest updated: 10/16/2017


By default, the built-in GPS module sends some u-blox specific data in front of the NMEA datasets.
Some programs do no need this specific data.
It is possible to use an alternative driver called "CDC", which removes this u-blox data.


Follow the steps below, to remove u-blox specific data:

  1. Make sure that GPS is enabled via "Hottab / Device".
  2. Go to "Settings / Apps". At "Apps & features" uninstall u-blox sensor driver:

    Confirm upcoming message with <Yes>:
  3. Uninstall u-blox Ports driver:

    Confirm upcoming message with <Yes>:

  4. Download CDC driver zip file from below.
    Extract it on the unit and run "ubloxGnss_usbcdc_windows_3264_v1.2.0.8.exe".
  5. After installation of CDC driver, deactivate GPS via "Hottab / Device".
    Wait a few seconds.
    Now activate GPS again via "Hottabh / Device".
  6. Open Device Manager.
    At "Other devices" select "COM3".
    Perform right click and select "Disable device":
  7. Done.
    Now use COM5 to read GPS data: