GPS - UBLOX - Add “GP…” prefix on NMEA strings

Support Article No. 23462
Latest updated: 9/5/2017


Some programs require the text "GP" in front of the NMEA string (coming out of ublox GPS module) to successfully read the GPS data.


Follow the steps below, to add "GP" string:

  1. Open u-center.
  2. Connect to GPS module (default port is COM3, baudrate 9600):
  3. Go to View > Configuration View.
  4. Click NMEA (NMEA Protocol) on the left side list.
  5. Set “Numbering used for SVs not supported by NMEA” to “0 – Strict (not output)”.
    Set "Main Talker ID" to "1 - GP (GPS)".
    Set "GSV Talker ID" to "1 - Use main Talker ID".
  6. Click “Send” button in the lower left corner:
  7. Switch to CFG (configuration) tab in left side list.
    Select “Save current configuration”.
    At "Devices:" select all 4 list entries.
    (To select all entries, tap and hold pen/mouse on first entry and move down to last entry. Release pen/mouse)
    Click "Send" button in the lower left corner:
  8.  Click Receiver > Action > Save Config:
  9. Done.