Windows (WEH 6.5) OS

Support Article No. 23457
Latest updated: 9/5/2017


This manual describes how to update OS (Operating System) on NAUTIZ X1 device with Windows embedded Handheld 6.5.


Micro SD memory card with minimum 1GB


  1. Format the SD card in FAT32 format
  2. Unzip the Release Package from the download at the bottom and copy the binaries to the SD card:
  3. Insert the SD Card into the Nautiz X1 and turn on the unit
  4. Connect the unit to AC charger
  5. Open File Explorer
  6. Go to Windows folder
  7. Launch the ImageUpdater.exe application
  8. Select all options
  9. Press Start Update button
  10. A message box will appear asking Start update. Press Yes
  11. After this you see following message
  12. Now restart the unit:
    1. Keep pressing the power button to show Power Menu
    2. Click Reboot button
  13. Now the unit will restart and update the operating system
  14. Once update is completed, device will be booted into Windows operating system



  • Fixed a bug where the touch driver stopped working after performing a “reboot”
  • Added Network Selector for modem
  • Fixed a bug using the vibrator programmatically