Barcode Scanner Expansion Guide (A8XEXP-BC)

Support Article No. 23394
Latest updated: 8/1/2017


The A8XEXP-BC Barcode Scanner Expansion module for the Algiz 8X does require a few steps of setup depending on you current software configuration.

You unit must have BIOS version 018 or newer. Please check KB21980 for the latest BIOS version.
If you are running OS 95Z0000001XS, you'll allready have the correct driver and HotTab installed. If not, please install HotTab HH8_A40.3.13 or newer from KB21992 and follow the steps below to install the driver.

Driver installation

  1. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) from
  2. Download the HSM USB Serial Driver version 3.5.5 package from the bottom of this page. Install it by running "Setup.bat" as an administrator


Initial Setup


These steps are only needed once after installing the module

  1. Open the device manager and change the barcode module to COM15 if it's not already assigned to COM15
  2. Press the menu button to open HotTab
  3. Go to "Devices" and enable "Barcode" - you should hear a beep from the scanner


To scan, hold and press F2. Any scanned value will be entered at the current cursor position followed by an ENTER key.

To change any configuration on the barcode scanner, please use the "EZConfig-Scanning" tool linked below. After installing the tool, open the "EZConfig-Scanning v4._IE" shortcut on your desktop and click "Connected Device" on the left to open the scanner module.