Instructions for OS update

Support Article No. 2202
Latest updated: 8/12/2014


Micro SD memory card with not more than 2 GB


Remember to backup your data before upgrading as it will wipe out all the existing data on the device.


  1. Remove all files from Micro SD card.
  2. Copy OS files (BootImg.nb0 and Image.bin) on Micro SD card.
  3. Insert Micro SD card into Nautiz X3.
  4. Connect AC charger or put unit into docking station with power supply.
  5. Switch on the device with Power Key.
  6. Press and hold down the Scan Key.
  7. Press Reset Key shortly (next to "2"-Key).
  8. Keep pressing Scan Key until the Mode menu appears:
  9. Now enter *123# on the keypad.
  10. Select 2. SD Download by clicking on key [2] on the keypad.
  11. When the update is completed, perform a Reset one more time.