GPS - Change u-blox mode to "Automotive"

Support Article No. 21978
Latest updated: 2/21/2017


There is a setting in u-center program, that solves a problem where the GPS don’t “update” the position when you are moving. Following solution improves the GPS when moving around:

  1. Open u-center.
  2. Connect to GPS module (default port is COM3, baudrate 9600):
  3. Go to View > Configuration View.
  4. Click NAV5 (Navigation 5) on the left side list.
  5. Set “Dynamic Model” to “4 – Automotive”.
  6. Click “Send” button in the lower left corner:
  7. Switch to CFG (configuration) tab in left side list.
    Select "User defined operation".
    At "Devices:" select all 4 list entries.
    Make sure, that all entries at "Save" are selected.
    (To select entries, tap and hold pen/mouse on first entry and move down to last entry. Release pen/mouse)
    Click "Send" button in the lower left corner:
  8.  Click Receiver > Action > Save Config:
  9. Done.