Factory Reset

Support Article No. 21871
Latest updated: 2/6/2017


Remember to backup all your data before executing the factory reset as it will wipe all files and settings. 


  • Algiz 10X V3 units need to have BIOS version 208 or higher.
    See KB20303 for latest Algiz 10X V3 BIOS.
  • Algiz 8X units need to have BIOS version 016 or higher.
    See KB21980 for latest Algiz 8X BIOS.


  1. Connect your AC adapter or put the unit in a docking station to supply power during the recovery process.
  2. Turn on the unit and press the F1 button (on the right side of the unit) continously.
  3. Stop pressing the F1 button when the unit begins starting in recovery mode:

  4. The Recovery Wizard will present itself.
    Click the "Recovery" button.
    You will get a pop up telling you that this is going to wipe all data on the unit. Click "Yes" to continue.
  5. When the recovery process is done, press any button to restart the unit.