How to update the BIOS on an Algiz 10X version 3

Support Article No. 20512
Latest updated: 11/25/2016


You will need the following to perform the BIOS update on the Algiz 10X Version 3:
16GB USB flash drive
USB keyboard


  1. Plug a USB stick to your PC and format it to file system "Fat32":

  2. Unzip the BIOS files. Copy the files in the folder directly to the root of the USB stick. You can obtain the latest BIOS files from here KB20303 :
  3. Plug the USB flash drive into your tablet.
  4. Plug the USB keyboard into your tablet.
  5. Plug-in the AC adapter to the tablet computer. Make sure the tablet computer stays plugged in to the power source during the entire process.
  6. Turn on the tablet computer and when the "Handheld" logo is showing, click "Del"-key on the the USB keypad repeatedly until you enter the BIOS menu.
  7. Navigate to "Save & Exit" tab.
    At "Boot Override" select "Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device" pressing ENTER key on the USB keyboard:
  8. Wait until you see the "Shell>" command line.
    Type "fs4:" and press the ENTER key:

  9. Type "update" and press the ENTER key:

  10. Now the update process is running.
  11. On the message "Do you want to start the download process?" type "y":

  12. After the update completes, the unit will shut down.