Install language pack - Win 10 Enterprise

Support Article No. 20494
Latest updated: 11/23/2016


The Algiz unit, with Windows 10 Enterprise, will be shipped with the English language pack installed by default.
If you want to add a language, follow the steps below.


  1. Make sure, that the Algiz unit has internet connection.
  2. Go to "Settings" / "Time & Language" and select "Region & Language":
  3. Select your language under "Country or Region".
    Press the button <Add a language> and select your language.
    After this, you might see the status "Language pack available" under your language:
  4. If the language pack does not begin to downloaded and install automatically, click on your language and then on the <Options> button:
  5. Now you will see "Language options".
    Click on all <Download> buttons that you would language packs for:
  6. After download and installation restart your unit.