OS Android 5.1

Support Article No. 20458
Latest updated: 12/2/2016

You'll find the download link at the bottom of this page.

The A20e download is for the worldwide LTE version (P/N starting with NX2-RF1), the A20a download is for the US version (P/N starting with NX2-RF2).
You can also check Settings > About > Custom build version to see which regional version you have.

You will find instruction on how to manually update your unit HERE

Release Notes V0.17

Release date December 1st 2016

  • Fixed issue scanning non-latin characters in UTF-8 encoded barcode
  • Added function to get byte/binary barcode data from the ScannerSDK
  • Added function to get AIMID from the ScannerSDK
  • Improved touch behavior in wet conditions
  • Added function to change the 4 side keys at Settings > User define