BIOS - Algiz 10X Version 3

Support Article No. 20303
Latest updated: 7/25/2018

Below you have the latest BIOS for Alg10X Version 3.
See KB20512 on how to update BIOS.

Latest standard BIOS version.

After installing this version, the unit will be automatically turned on, as soon as AC power is supplied.
AC power can be supplied direct to the unit or via vehicle dock.
This feature is often required when used in vehicles/forklifts.
Detailed description of the functions when AC power is supplied:
> starts up automatically when turned off
> wakes up automatically when in sleep mode
> restarts automatically when shutted down

Release notes:

  • V214: Fixed vulnerability regarding Meltdown, including Spectre Micro code update:408-> 410
  • V213: Enhance BIOS setting
  • V211: Enhance power management to prevent "windows cannot resume"
  • V209: Press menu-key and lock-key to trigger Ctrl + Alt + Del