Battery Usage Statistics

Support Article No. 19774
Latest updated: 6/7/2016


You would like to obtain battery usage statistics for your Handheld device.


This document is intended to provide battery usage statistics while on standby time as well as on screen time.
At the bottom it also provide charging times.
This is not meant to be a difinitive battery usage guide and your individual results will vary dependent on component usage on the device and device model.

Only standard batteries were used while performing these tests. Screen brightness was set at 80% of max capacity.


Nautiz X1                    3h20m               Android: 4h20m
Nautiz X2                    9h30m
Nautiz X3                    11h30m
Nautiz X4                    24h30m             Android: 25h25m
Nautiz X5                    12h
Nautiz X6                    23h10m
Nautiz X7                    13h30m
Nautiz X8                    13h30m             Android: 12h

Algiz XRW                   5h30m
Algiz 7                        4h30m
Algiz RT7                    7h10m
Algiz 8X                      5h
Algiz 10X Ver 1            4h
Algiz 10X Ver 2            5h50m
Algiz 10X Ver 3            4h50m


Nautiz X1                    3h15m              Android: 4h15m
Nautiz X2                    9h10m
Nautiz X3                    10h10m
Nautiz X4                    14h                  Android: 22h50m
Nautiz X5                    10h20m
Nautiz X6                    21h40m
Nautiz X7                    10h
Nautiz X8                    9h30m              Android: 11h25m
Nautiz X9                    10h50m

Algiz XRW                  5h
Algiz 7                       3h40m
Algiz RT7                   5h55m
Algiz 8X                     4h35m
Algiz 10X Ver 1           3h20m
Algiz 10X Ver 2           5h10m
Algiz 10X Ver 3           4h10m

Special requirements

Nautiz X8                   15h                    Android: X             Brightness: 50%       *WWAN ONLY
Algiz 8X                     6h50m               Windows 10 CBB   Brightness: 13%       *ALL RF OFF
Algiz 8X                     6h15m               Windows 10 CBB   Brightness: 13%       *ALL RF ON

Battery charging
Only completely turned off units and original AC chargers were used while performing these tests.

Nautiz X2                2h 45m
Nautiz X4                4h 30m
Nautiz X6                4h20m
Nautiz X8                4h
Nautiz X9                4h
Algiz RT7                4h
Algiz 7                     2h            with STANDAR BATTERY (P/N: ALG7-08A)
Algiz 8X                   3h 15m    with STANDARD BATTERY (P/N: ALG8X-08A)
Algiz 10X                 3h            with STANDARD BATTERY (P/N: ALG10X-08A)