OS Update guide

Support Article No. 19452
Latest updated: 6/21/2017

You can download the latest update files here (It's not possible to install Android 5 on a unit with Android 6 or install Android 6 on a unit with Android 5 without sending in the unit to service).

Algiz RT7 Android 5 KB19457
Algiz RT7 Android 6 KB23186

Nautiz X2 Android 5 KB20458
Nautiz X2 Android 6 KB22690
Nautiz X2 Android 7 KB24551

Nautiz X9 Android 7 KB24157

OTA (Over the Air) Update

The most common way to update your Algiz RT7 or Nautiz X2 is with the built-in OTA system.

To look for and install updates, open: Settings > About tablet/device > Check for system updates

This screen shows the currently installed version as well as the last time the system did check for an update.

Manual Update

If you don't want to install the update over OTA or if you want to directly install an update file, follow these steps.

  1. Place the update zip file on the unit. You can either copy it to the internal storage, sd card or use an USB memory drive (USB memory drive is for Algiz RT7)
  2. Open Settings > About tablet/device > Check for system updates
  3. Tap the SD card icon in the top right corner and confirm the dialog
  4. Navigate to the update zip file and press OK
  5. Confirm the selection and wait for the installation to finish. The device will restart on its own once the update is done.