Switch between GPS IZat and Ublox

Support Article No. 19225
Latest updated: 3/17/2016

In the Algiz RT7 unit you have the option to choose between IZat (default) and ublox GPS.
They are not enabled at the same time, so to enable one or the other please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the "Settings" menu.

Step 2: Navigate over to the "Location" tab.


Step 3:
IZat will be the default GPS.
To switch between them, turn the GPS off. See picture below.


Step 4:
Now you have the option to choose the ublox GPS instead. Tap "GPS Device" to bring up the menu.

Step 5: Tap "uBlox".

Step 6: The "GPS Device" has now changed to ublox. To enable the GPS again, turn it on.

Step 7: The RT7 unit is now using the ublox GPS.