Setting up 2G/3G connection on Windows Mobile/Windows embedded Handheld

Support Article No. 19097
Latest updated: 2/18/2016


Sometimes we get asked, how to set up 2G (GPRS) / 3G (UMTS, HSDPA) connection on our rugged handheld devices.
The following instruction shows, how to create an internet connection using the connection manager of Windows Mobile/Windows embedded Handheld.


  1. Make sure that SIM card is installed in the unit and the phone is activated.
    Also get sure, that SIM card is unlocked, if PIN protection is enabled.
  2. Go to Settings / Connections / Connections and click “Add a new modem connection” under "MyISP":
  3. Enter a name for your connection and select modem "Cellular Line (GPRS)":

  4. Click <Next>
  5. Enter the APN (Access point name) from your network provider.
    For example for Vodafone Germany it is “”:

  6. Click <Next>
  7. Enter username, password and domain, if needed.
    Depends on settings from your provider:
  8. Click <Finish>
  9. When the unit is trying to connect to the internet (from software, internet explorer, etc...), the system automatically starts the 2G/3G connection: