Download Windows 10 Enterprise CBB

Support Article No. 18513
Latest updated: 9/19/2017


You would like to install Windows 10 CBB  on your Algiz 10X V.2 device.
NOTE: If you don't already have a license for Windows 10 you will need to purchase a license before download/install of this OS. Please contact your sales representative. 
If you go from Win 7 to Win 10 you will first need to do some changes in the BIOS, see KB12634.


Select the download below for the latest Windows 10 CBB image. See KB18511 on how to install Win 10. 
 is only possible to install this version of  Windows 10 Enterprise on the Algiz 10X Version 2. To check the version number of Your Algiz 10x, click HERE and enter your s/n in the “Warranty Status” field. Line: Item should start with A10X-

OS Revisions:

Release date 19th September 2017

  • Change to CBB from LTSB

Release date 07 October 2016

  • Set Time Zone to (UTC+1)Stock holm ,Vienna
  • Set Internet Explorer default homepage to

Release date 05 July 2016

  • Fixed Windows Update error
  • Removed preinstalled language packs
  • Windows live update to 2016/05/25
  • Set GPS com port to COM3
  • Set docking COM port to COM11&COM12
  • Create Tablet PC Settings shortcut on desktop
  • Improved internal microphone settings
  • Updated Hottabto  version IB10X_A40.2.07
  • Added drivers to C:\Drivers
  • Improved Windows power plan settings