Support Article No. 1610
Latest updated: 8/12/2014


You would like to enable satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) in U-Center on your Algiz 10x V.1 Device.


  1. Open U-center.
  2. Connect to GPS.
  3. Go to View > Configuration View.
  4. Click GNSS (GNSS config) on the left side list.
  5. Enable all checkboxes at "configure" and the first two checkboxes at "enable":
  6. Click send button in the lower left corner.
  7. Click SBAS (SBAS settings) on the left side.
  8. Change SBAS settings for your location.
  9. Click send buttonin the lower left corner.
  10. Switch to CFG (configuration) tab in left side list. Make sure "Save current configuration" is selected. Now click send button in the lower left corner to save those settings permanently.