BIOS settings to Downgrade your OS From Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to Windows 7

Support Article No. 12634
Latest updated: 3/3/2015


You would like to install Windows 7 on your Algiz 10x V.2 device from Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
Important: Update the BIOS to the latest version before continuing with this guide. You can find the latest BIOS version here - KB9985.
NOTE: If you don't already have a license for Windows 7, you will need to purchase a license before download and installation of the Windows 7 Operating System. Please contact your sales representative.


The BIOS boot sequence utilzes a Legacy boot option when booting into the Windows 7 Operating System.
The instructions below pertain to changing the BIOS settings on the device for a successful installation and boot up sequence for an Algiz 10X V.2 device.

For Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to Windows 7:

  1. Plug-in the AC adapter to the tablet computer. Make sure the tablet computer stays plugged in to the power source during the entire process.
  2. Plug-in a keyboard and the recovery USB with the latest Windows 7 image.
  3. Turn on the tablet computer and when the "Handheld" logo is showing, click "F2" on the keypad repeatedly until you enter the BIOS menu.
  4. Navigate over to the "Advanced" tab. Choose "Miscellaneous Configuration" as shown below.  
  5. Navigate over to "OS Selection" and change it to "Windows 7".  
  6. Save and Exit the BIOS by pressing "F4" on the keyboard. Now continue with the OS installation procedure as seen in KB12606.