HomeScreen plugin for Windows Mobile/Windows embedded Handheld

Support Article No. 11419
Latest updated: 2/4/2015

supported Devices:

Nautiz X1 with WEH 6.5 (NX1-GW)
Nautiz X4 with WEH 6.5 (NX4-1DGN-0-E, NX4-1DCN-0-E, NX4-2DGN-0-E, NX4-2DGQ-0-E)
Nautiz X8 with WEH 6.5 (NX8-BW, NX8-GW, NX8-CW)
Nautiz eTicket Pro II with WEH 6.5 (NX4-2DGN-R-E, NX4-2DGQ-R-E)


Handheld provides a home screen plugin, which you can use instead of the default home screens installed on your Windows Mobile / Windows Embedded Handheld units.

By default you'll see the standard Windows home screen:

After installing and activating the Handheld plugin you'll see following home screen:

The Handheld home screen provides three quick start buttons for camera, phone and wireless manager.


  1. Download "HomeScreen-Handheld.CAB".
  2. Copy CAB file on your handheld device.
  3. Open file explorer and click CAB file once to start installation.
  4. Confirm upcoming messages.
  5. After installation, go to Settings / Home / Items and activate "HomeScreen-Hand...":
  6. Click <OK> button in the lower right corner.
  7. Done.