Updating the BIOS on an Algiz 10X v.2

Support Article No. 10045
Latest updated: 1/14/2015


You would like to know how to update the BIOS on your Algiz 10X V.2 device.


The instructions below will guide you through updating the BIOS on your Algiz 10X V.2 device.
Note: You will need a 2GB USB drive to perform the BIOS Update. 
You can download the latest BIOS files from here 9985

  1. Plug a USB stick into your PC and format it to file system "Fat32". formatfat32
  2. Unzip the downloaded BIOS files. Copy the files in the folder directly to the root of the USB stick. 

  3. Plug an AC adapter, USB stick and keyboard into your tablet. Start up the device  and hit the "Esc" button as soon as you see the "Handheld" logo. 
  4. Use the arrows keys to move to the "Save&Exit" tab. Navigate to the "Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device" by using the arrow buttons on your keyboard and press enter. 
    efi shell
  5. When the interface has been launched, type "fs2:" and press enter.
    Note: "fs:number", your removable disk might be assigned a different number. update
  6. Type "UPDATE" and hit enter to start the flashing process. update
  7. Type "Y" to finish the flashing process. The tablet will reboot automatically when done. confirm update
  8. When the tablet is restarting, make sure to hit the "Esc" key at the handheld logo to make sure the flashing procedure was a success. See "Project Version" for current BIOS.project version
  9. NOTE: If you have Windows 7 OS installed on your unit, follow the steps below:
  10. Go into BIOS. If not already done, follow the steps at point 3.
    Navigate over to the "Advanced" tab. Choose "Miscellaneous Configuration" as shown below.  
  11. Navigate over to "OS Selection" and change it to "Windows 7".  
  12. Save and Exit the BIOS by pressing "F4" on the keyboard.