Mobile Computers at work in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, rugged handheld computers can be used for inspection, quality and inventory control, machinery maintenance, and order tracking with immense benefits to manufacturers.  Rugged tablets are “small enough to be mobile, powerful enough to chew through ever-increasing amounts of data, and big enough to get work done,” says Joel Hans, managing editor at

Maintenance. Maintenance crews are using ALGIZ tablets with RFID scanners to keep track of predictive, preventative and scheduled maintenance tasks, and to provide real-time maintenance status updates. Quickly conveying accurate and time-sensitive information increases worker safety and keeps maintenance schedules on track.

Customer solution: Rugged tablets optimize railway maintenance operations 

Quality and inventory control. Handheld devices can be used with scanners to track and monitor inventory along the manufacturing process. Work in Progress (WIP) is a form of inventory, tracking unfinished goods which need further processing, assembly and or inspection. Rugged handhelds are mounted on vehicles and carts or carried for versatile inventory control, and RFID technology enables easy tracking of goods with access to real-time back-end systems data.

Inspection. Powerful rugged tablets can interface with a company’s own diagnostic instruments in order to help engineers inspect equipment with improved speed, consistency and safety.

Customer solution: Predictive maintenance made safer and more affordable with rugged tablets

Using rugged mobile computers on a manufacturing shop floor, whether for WIP inventory control, maintenance, or inspection, improves efficiency and accuracy. Better data leads to improved processes which in turn improves customer delivery outcomes.