NAUTIZ X8 assists conservation efforts Making the leap to digital data collection

9/29/2015 : news

Many customers transition to our devices after having used pen and paper in the field. Making the leap to digital data collection is one of the quickest ways to gain efficiencies, reduce data entry errors and speed the process of using the collected data.

In Spain, the Andalusian Ministry of Environment and Planning has converted from pen and waterproof paper to collecting data with the Nautiz X8 on projects targeting conservation and management of the Andalusian Natural Heritage.Data collection with the Nautiz X8 ultra rugged handheld

They use the Nautiz X8 to enter data directly into an Excel spreadsheet and record the variables corresponding to the in situ values (for example quantity, dimensions, weight of the river's fish). Data is stored directly in digital format at the same time they are taken, eliminating both the subsequent step of scanning in the laboratory and the risk of error associated with this task. 

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