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12 March: Visiting barcoding companies in Chicago

Visiting barcoding companies in Chicago

Jerker has now made his way to Chicago linking up with Frank Arico who is Regional Sales Manager, Central U.S and Canada for Handheld US. Together they have met with several companies in Chicago as well as further up north.

On the agenda for the first morning in Chicago was a meeting with Barcoding Inc. where Matt Cunningham, Vice President for sales (seen with Jerker in the right-bottom image) introduced Jerker and Frank to their Technology Integration Center.

Barcodeing Inc.

In the afternoon the two visited Barcodes Inc. which is another big company in the barcoding technology market in North America. Below we see their representative Raul Cepeda, Director of Product Management alongside Jerker.

Finally, there was also some time left to spend in downtown Chicago where the sculpture Cloud Gate (often nicknamed as The Bean because of its shape) is located.

The Bean

Jerker and the Nautiz X9 in front of The Bean.

Next up on the tour are more meetings with interesting companies of which you can soon read more about here.

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10-11 March: Florida sight-seeing

Florida sight-seeing

Going out on a world tour does as noticed not only include interesting meetings with companies but also when there’s time, exploration of the areas that are being visited. During the last days in Florida, Jerker and Jim headed out for some sight-seeing of the surroundings.

Since weather allowed, the two went by boat and spotted a house familiar to many Swedes, (and perhaps to a few others as well). In the picture to the bottom left you can spot the house belonging to famous Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik.

Nowadays, the house and the whole Parnevik family are in the spotlight due to a popular Swedish TV-show, called “The Parneviks”.

On the picture to the bottom right there’s an entrance gate to another property owned by a well-known person, namely the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Then, you might be wondering why Jerker has got his head between the cheeks of a crocodile in one of the pictures…? Well, the image was being captured in the area of where Vince “Trapper” Nelson established himself as a trapper, hunter and zoo founder.

Nelson is best known for creating his own zoo filling it with exotic and wild animals on the shore of the Loxahatchee River. The zoo became a popular spot to visit for local and national celebrities in the 1940s and 1950s, making Nelson locally known as “Tarzan of the Loxahatchee”.

Next stop on Jerker’s CEO world tour is Chicago where new meetings and experiences will take place. Make sure to keep an eye open either here, or on our social media channels to keep track of upcoming events and happenings from the tour. 

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8-9 March: action-filled days with universal

Action-filled day with Universal

Another day in Orlando means another day of new meetings and experiences. During these days our CEO met a couple of companies including representatives from Universal who took him on an adventurous ride on their roller coaster RockIt.

After linking up with representatives from Universal, Jerker and Jim got invited to try out the RockIt ride in the Universal Theme Park. 

Universal RockIt ride

As we can see in this capture from the ride it looks like the two had an action-filled experience on the roller coaster which reaches to speeds over 65 mph (105 km/h).

Stay tuned for the next update which will show more of Orlando and also some well-known properties for many of us.

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8 March: Meeting with Geo Networking

Meeting with Geo Networking

During the first couple of days, Jerker Hellström has been well received in Orlando, Florida, both by the people and the weather. In the picture above, we see some views from the hotel and a capture from a lunch meeting with Handheld US President and CEO Jim Rimay and Geo Networking’s CEO and founder Shawn Greer.

Geo Networking is one of the first companies that Jerker, together with colleagues, are visiting on the tour. It is a company which provides GIS and surveying solutions and has done so for a decade.

Shawn Greer, the founder and CEO of Geo Networking, is a certified expert in the area and has got loads of experience from it. Surely, a lot of knowledge got shared during the meeting which started off the tour in the US in a good way.

Before leaving Orlando and moving on to other destinations in the states there are quite a few happenings left for our CEO. You can read more about these in the upcoming posts, alternatively look out for them on our social media channels:

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5 March: Let's Go (Landvetter-London- JFK- Orlando)

The CEO World Tour of 2018 started off by Jerker flying from Landvetter via Heathrow, JFK and finally ending up arriving in Orlando, FL.

When in place, Jerker met up with colleagues Jim Rimay, Frank Arico and Damon Ogando from Handheld US whom will be joining him on the tour while traveling in the states.

They’ll be having a busy schedule containing everything from business meetings to more spare time-related activities.

During the coming days, we will be posting more info regarding this and everything else that happens on Jerker’s tour around the world.

In the meantime, we’re giving you a throwback to the latest CEO World Tour which took place in 2016 and contained some special encounters and moments, (to say at least).

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