Welcome to Stockholm

The Conference

This year the partner conference will be held at the Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. The event will run all day, plus the evening of 2 June, and wrap up after breakfast on 3 June. Save the date!!

Attending the conference will give you the opportunity to view the Handheld roadmap in order to maximize your integration capabilities. You’ll find out about the very latest product developments including new and upcoming products. Join us in learning from some of the most successful solutions and strategies of our global partner network. On top of all this we will also have event specific offers that are exclusive for our HBPC2015 attendees.

And remember: besides your own travel expenses and hotel room, there are no costs for this event. 


We're glad you're interested in registering for the 2015 Handheld Business Partner Conference. The registration is now open, welcome to join us! REGISTER FOR HBPC 2015 HERE

Key reasons why you should attend

Here are just a few reasons why you should attend the 2015 HBPC:

  • Get the latest from Handheld, including information regarding new product development.
  • Network with Handheld’s worldwide business partners and discover new business opportunities.
  • Hear about the latest research and trends in the rugged industry.
  • Meet the Handheld team that you usually talk to over the phone or via email. It’s a great opportunity to meet us in person and talk to us about how we can better support you.
  • Socialize with a terrific group of people

Main conference day

The main conference day will be Tuesday, 2 June, starting right after breakfast. It will be a busy day with an intensive program where you will hear about the latest research and trends in rugged computing and get the latest from Handheld, including the Handheld product roadmap.

In our Partner Showcase area, a number of our business partners will be showing their solutions which extend the usefulness of our rugged handheld computers. The Partner Showcase is perfect for meeting valuable new contacts and exchanging ideas and business strategies with other Handheld Business partners from around the world.

All presentations and product demonstrations will be held in English, but there will also be Handheld staff speaking Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Italian and German.

Socializing is important too!

On Tuesday evening, 2 June we would like you to join us at our casual dinner event with live entertainment. We can promise that you will have a good time!

It’s the perfect way to end a busy day. Relax and enjoy the evening with business colleagues and new friends.

Explore new solutions and create new business opportunities

Share your knowledge and specific expertise with other attendees. We can assist in introducing you and your company to other solution providers who match your interests.

In this way you will be able to exchange business knowledge, explore new solutions, and create possible new business opportunities.

Pleased to meet you!

Pleased to meet you Personal contact is the key to great relations, but it can be difficult to fit all those real life meetings into a busy schedule.

When attending the Handheld Business Partner Conference, you will have a chance to meet everyone from the Handheld team that you usually talk to over the phone or via email.

Tell us how we can better support you. We will all be there!