Nautiz X1

The NAUTIZ X1 ultra-rugged, ultra-compact handheld is built for the toughest work environments.

Nautiz X2

The Nautiz X2 is the ideal handheld for today’s mobile workforce.

Nautiz X3

The NAUTIZ X3 is our 2,8-inch screen pocket-sized powerhouse. It packs a lot into a small package and has an unbeatable combination of size, performance, ruggedness and value.

NAUTIZ X4/eTicket Pro II

NAUTIZ X4 and NAUTIZ eTicket Pro rugged handhelds each have a 3.5" VGA High brightness, sunlight-readable resistive touch screen and are durable tools designed with fieldwork in mind.


Do more with the ultra-rugged NAUTIZ X6 Android phablet.

Nautiz X5/Nautiz eTicket Pro

The NAUTIZ X5 and and eTicket Pro provides a small but rugged package. It is a powerful handheld for field work as well as fare collection in public transport.

Nautiz X7

This 3.5-inch IP67 rugged handheld mixes power, functionality and ruggedness that makes in reliable for tough fieldwork.

Nautiz X8

Sunlight-viewable 4.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, fast processor, long-life battery and ultra-rugged specs. The NAUTIZ X8 will lead the way.

Nautiz X9

The NAUTIZ X9 rugged Android data collector.


The ALGIZ RT7 and ALGIZ RT7 eTicket is a rugged Android tablet for mobile workers who need a high performance device in an outdoor or industrial environment.


The rugged ALGIZ 7 is our 7-inch screen tablet that comes with a Windows 7 platform.


The ALGIZ 8X is a lightweight, rugged Windows tablet for field workers who need a high performance device in an outdoor or industrial environment.


The ALGIZ 10X rugged tablet PC is our 10-inch screen tablet with optional capacitive touchscreen.


The ALGIZ XRW is our slim, lightweight and compact ultra-rugged notebook. Designed for those who need a fully rugged laptop in the field.

SP400X Imprinter

The SP400X is an ideal solution for warehousing, package delivery and other logistic-type industries.