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Myra Long New Program Manager With Handheld Group

March 26, 2014

[Lidköping, Sweden and Corvallis, Ore., USA, March 26, 2014.] The Handheld Group, a leading global manufacturer of rugged mobile computers and smartphones, has appointed Myra Long as program manager. Long brings 14 years of valuable industry experience to Handheld from Lockheed Martin, Oregon State University, SRI International and Hewlett Packard.

As program manager, Myra Long will be responsible for the development of new products and will provide ongoing improvements for existing products and build-process verification. She will coordinate groups of product-development projects in order to achieve Handheld's growth goals. Long will start her position as program manager immediately, moving from a dedicated consulting role, and will be based in St. Petersburg, Fla., USA.

Long brings an expansive 14-year background in military and mobile-product research, development and management. She has been working with Handheld Group in a project management consultant role for more than two years and helped bring the recently announced SP400X and new Nautiz X4 through development.

Previously, she worked at Hewlett Packard, where she was an integral part of the original engineering team for the now updated and proudly Handheld-owned SP400X. She has also worked with ground-based radar systems at Lockheed Martin and has been part of numerous cutting-edge projects in both the military and the consumer space.

Long holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Clarkson University, and a Master of Science degree in industrial engineering with a focus on information systems from Oregon State University.

"I am very excited to officially join the Handheld team," Long says. "I have had the unique position to watch, as an 'outsider,' the company grow exponentially in the last couple of years, and I have been impressed with its eagerness and focus on new product development. I am looking forward to playing a continuing part in bringing rugged, quality, cutting-edge products to the market quickly to meet our customers' ever-changing needs."

"Myra Long's competence and experience is invaluable to us and I am happy to have her aboard as our new program manager," says Jerker Hellström, CEO of Handheld Group. "She brings a wealth of industry experience in program management and product development to our team. We are committed to continued growth and product development, and Myra's appointment fits right into this strategy."

Download press images of Myra Long and Jerker Hellström here.

Handheld's lineup of rugged PDAs, smartphones and mobile computers is specifically developed for field workers in industries such as geomatics, logistics, forestry, public transportation, utilities, construction, maintenance, mining, military and security.

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Handheld Group, manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, appoints Myra Long as new program manager

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