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10/19/2017 :

Handheld US appoints two new sales managers to support North American resellers

Handheld today announced that its North American subsidiary, Handheld US, has hired two new regional sales managers to support Handheld resellers in the western and central U.S. and Canada.
10/12/2017 : Press release

Handheld US appoints new President and CEO

Handheld Group today announced the appointment of a new President and CEO for its North American subsidiary, Handheld US. Jim Rimay has served as Vice President of Sales for Handheld US since April 2015.
9/7/2017 : Press release

Handheld launches blog at

Handheld today announced the launch of its new blog,
It will be a resource to learn more about rugged computers and stay informed about mobility news and emerging rugged technologies.
6/28/2017 : Press release

Rowing team to use ALGIZ 10X for 3,000-mile Atlantic Ocean race

Handheld today announced that its ALGIZ 10X ultra-rugged tablet will provide navigation and communication support for a four-person rowing team during the 3,000-mile Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in December.
5/9/2017 : Press release

Handheld Group strengthens its sales and marketing management team

Handheld Group today announced it has added three managers to its sales and marketing team in order to expand sales and further support its global network of resellers.
5/5/2017 : News

Handheld Business Partner Conference Schedule Announced

Handheld today announced the complete agenda for its next Handheld Business Partner Conference (HBPC) which is being held in Stockholm this month. The HPBC is Handheld’s largest gathering of its worldwide reselling partners and system integrators.
4/25/2017 : Press release

NAUTIZ X2 Rugged Android Handheld sees RAM and Scanner Upgraded

Handheld today announced that the Nautiz X2 enterprise handheld now comes standard with 2GB RAM and 16 GB storage. The 2D Imager model is also upgraded to the latest Honeywell N6603 high performance imager.
4/18/2017 :

Handheld Offers Operating System Options For New ALGIZ 10X Models

Handheld has made Windows 7 available on its popular Algiz 10X ultra-rugged tablet computer. The Algiz 10X received an upgrade last year to a 10.1” HD projective capacitive touchscreen and offered the Windows 10 operating system.

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