Hbpc 2013 an overview

Our sixth annual HBPC took place June 3-5 at the Quality Hotel 11 at the Port of Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast. We enjoyed a wonderful time with our partners, building relationships and sharing information that we know will form foundations for many future successes.

Opening and Showcase Evening

At the opening of the conference, attendees mingled in the Partner Showcase area, where our partners displayed solutions applicable to the Handheld lineup of rugged computers.

Attendees, showcase partners and Handheld employees got to know one another as they enjoyed food and drinks, and Amy Urban, marketing director of Handheld US and the conference moderator, welcomed the guests and introduced our showcase partners. These partners briefly presented information about themselves, their companies and their solutions.

The Conference Day 

A tremendous lineup of speakers gave talks throughout the conference day. Before our external speakers took the stage, Jerker Hellström, CEO of Handheld Group, summarized the accomplishments and challenges of the last year.

The first external speaker, David Krebs, is the vice president of mobile and wireless practice at VDC research. He spoke on current industry and market trends for rugged handheld computers, and then opened the floor for audience questions.

Following David, Handheld’s product manager Johan Hed provided new information about forthcoming product updates.

Adeneo Embedded’s chief operating officer, Vijay Raisinghani, spoke to the audience about chipset trends for handheld and computing platforms.

Nils Lennartsson, service and support manager at Handheld, introduced our updated and improved MaxCare service concept, which will be deployed during the summer.

Raphaël Binet, product marketing manager of Thales Communications and Security, gave a presentation about a new security solution for Android devices.

French reporter and polar explorer Julien Cabon talked about last year’s North Pole 2012 expedition, for which he and scientist Alan le Tressoler stayed three weeks on the North Pole using the Algiz XRW to collect and analyze scientific data. Julien also showed beautiful video footage from the film he is making about the expedition.

During the conference, attendees also learned event-exclusive pre-launch information about two new Handheld product developments. Product presentations were given by Thomas Löfblad, vice president of global sales at Handheld, and Mike Zelman, Handheld’s vice president of business development.

Next, Thomas Löfblad spoke about Handheld’s unique product positioning and current market competition.

Throughout the conference, the Partner Showcase area offered a place to enjoy coffee breaks and lunch. Between speakers and events, it served as an exciting and valuable venue for Handheld partners from all over the world to exchange ideas, information and hands-on solutions.

Dinner Event

The evening event opened with a champagne tasting and a short presentation about the art of producing champagne, followed by dinner at Eriksbergshallen. Between each of three dinner courses, the local show band Tredrag provided entertainment. After several “mellow” numbers, the band turned up the energy, rounding off the evening with several tunes that had our guests up on their feet and dancing!

Handheld presented several fun awards to attendees during dinner:

Markku Viloppainen, from Axel Group, Finland, was recognized for being the first person to register online after the HBPC invitations were sent out ¬— for the second consecutive year!

Thomas Walters of Munsoft and Byron Johnstone of Rugged Interconnect Technologies, both from South Africa, received awards for traveling the farthest to get to the event.

Thierry Smet of Tradelec International, Belgium, got an “FAQ” prize for being the attendee who asked the most questions during the conference.

Two birthdays among the attendees were also acknowledged: Jeroen Voortman, who celebrated his 30th birthday that evening, and Seved Wååg, who hit twice that age earlier this year.

Thank you!

The Handheld team would like to thank each and every person who attended our 2013 Handheld Business Partner Conference. We hope you’ll be able to join us again next time!