No brain freeze for the Nautiz

6/28/2016 : news

The Handheld Germany office recently received a yummy shipment from one of our business partners who specialize in ice cream deliveries. As you might imagine, a business like that requires equipment that can handle going in and out of freezers all day, and they’ve been using our NAUTIZ X8 rugged handheld with barcode module for inventory picking in the freezers.

Upon delivery, we noticed that the ice cream came packed in dry ice, frozen carbon dioxide known for its extreme coldness. After enjoying some ice cream, perhaps it was the sugar high that then inspired us to do some extreme tests.

We put one of our own Nautiz X8 in the frozen package for a few hours. Dry ice is solid at a whopping -78°C (-108,4°F), so this was clearly well outside our product specs, but curiosity really got the better of us. Testing the Nautiz X8 in extreme cold

When opening the box again a few hours later, wearing gloves because the extreme cold, we tested both the WLAN connection and barcode reading. Impressively, the Nautiz X8 didn’t miss a beat.

We’re glad to report that this partnership had been a tremendous success: they supply our ice cream, and we supply products rugged enough for their cold environments.

Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home as it is well outside of the product’s test standards.