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9/29/2015 : News

NAUTIZ X8 assists conservation efforts

In Spain, the Andalusian Ministry of Environment and Planning has converted from pen and waterproof paper to collecting data with the NAUTIZ X8 on projects targeting conservation and management of the Andalusian Natural Heritage.
9/24/2015 : Article

Public safety segments in transition

New advanced technological solutions – both hardware and software – are changing the security, public safety, and law enforcement sectors to the very core – and for the better. Advanced mobile applications and rugged mobile computers have greatly improved these professions’ ability to perform in time-critical situations and in less than favorable environments.
9/22/2015 : Press release

Handheld Announces Strategic Enterprise Mobility Management Alliance with SOTI

Handheld Group and SOTI, the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), today announced a strategic alliance extending SOTI MobiControl’s deep management capabilities to Handheld’s rugged mobile devices.
9/4/2015 : News

Who won a new NAUTIZ X8 ultra-rugged handheld at the ESRI User Conference?

The winner is a GIS Analyst with KTU+A who saw our recent ESRI user conference promotion and dropped her business card at the Handheld booth. Read more here! 
9/3/2015 : Press release

Handheld US announces device trade-in program, includes competing models

Handheld Group today announced a new trade-in program for used units — including competitor’s models. The program will accept a wide range of trade-ins and offer cash back toward new Handheld purchases.
8/27/2015 : News

Handheld Director of Product Management speaks at Sri Lankan Summit

Handheld Director of Product Management, Johan Hed discussed rugged mobile computing at the ZILLIONe CIO Summit in Sri Lanka.
8/25/2015 : Press release

Handheld’s ultra-rugged field computer NAUTIZ X8 gets new customizable add-ons

Handheld Group today announced new expansion pack features for its Nautiz X8 rugged PDA. The new functionalities will make the Nautiz X8 even more versatile for field workers in a number of market segments, including forestry, surveying, construction, field services, warehouse projects and logistics.
8/20/2015 : News

NAUTIZ X8 now certified by Verizon Wireless

The Nautiz X8, a rugged and powerful field PDA, is now certified for use with Verizon Wireless, America’s largest wireless network.

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