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10/20/2016 : Press release

Handheld on track with major orders to European railways

Handheld today announced major wins with two European railways. The projects are valued at more than $2 million over the next 12 months.
9/20/2016 : Press release

Handheld launches new version of the ALGIZ 10X ultra-rugged tablet

Handheld today announced a major upgrade to its popular Algiz 10X ultra-rugged tablet computer with new and improved screen technology and improved GPS/GLONASS functionality.
8/23/2016 : News

ALGIZ 10X is built for extremes

Handheld's Algiz rugged tablets helps diagnose engine problems in wet, hot and windy conditions on the water.
7/19/2016 : News

The NAUTIZ X2 rugged handheld is now shipping!

One week after product launch, the NAUTIZ X2 rugged handheld is now shipping!
7/12/2016 : Press release

Handheld launches NAUTIZ X2 rugged Android device

Handheld today announced the new NAUTIZ X2 enterprise handheld which integrates a high-quality scanner, camera and mobile phone while offering the most compact and ergonomic form factor on the market.
6/28/2016 : News

No brain freeze for the Nautiz

An ice cream delivery packaged in dry ice inspired our team at Handheld Germany to try their own ruggedness test on our Nautiz X8 rugged handheld.
6/1/2016 : Press release

Handheld adds eTicketing capabilities to its versatile Algiz RT7 Android Rugged tablet

Handheld today announced the Algiz RT7 eTicket, a new version of its popular Algiz RT7 Android tablet that adds a specialized RFID reader so transit workers can use it for mobile ticketing tasks.
5/17/2016 : Press release

Handheld Introduces Intrinsically Safe Ultra-Rugged Computer

Handheld today announced its first certified intrinsically safe model, a special version of the Nautiz X1 compact handheld. The product is being brought to market through a collaboration between Handheld Group and MCS (Mining Consultancy Services Pty Ltd), with offices in South Africa, Australia and Russia.

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