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6/1/2016 : Press release

Handheld adds eTicketing capabilities to its versatile Algiz RT7 Android Rugged tablet

Handheld today announced the Algiz RT7 eTicket, a new version of its popular Algiz RT7 Android tablet that adds a specialized RFID reader so transit workers can use it for mobile ticketing tasks.
5/17/2016 :

Handheld Introduces Intrinsically Safe Ultra-Rugged Computer

Handheld today announced its first certified intrinsically safe model, a special version of the Nautiz X1 compact handheld. The product is being brought to market through a collaboration between Handheld Group and MCS (Mining Consultancy Services Pty Ltd), with offices in South Africa, Australia and Russia.
4/28/2016 : News

Handheld CEO Jerker Hellström on world tour

Handheld CEO Jerker Hellstrom embarked on a world tour in Q1 2016 that would do a rock band proud, spending time with customers and partners in the United States, Australia, Africa and Europe.
3/21/2016 : Press release

Handheld signs framework agreement with global defense and security solution provider Saab

Handheld today announced that its Nordic subsidiary Handheld Scandinavia has signed a strategic agreement with Saab – a global defense and security solution provider. The two-year agreement includes ultra-rugged tablets for Saab's world-leading military, aerospace and emergency services solutions. Handheld Scandinavia is a subsidiary of Handheld Group, a leading Swedish manufacturer of rugged mobile computers.
3/7/2016 : Article

Material Handling trends and rugged mobile computers

Material Handling Wholesaler magazine asked people in varied sectors of the material handling industry what trends are on the horizon for 2016 and beyond. Handheld US Vice President of Sales, Jim Rimay was among the executives interviewed.
2/3/2016 : Press release

Handheld ALGIZ 10X rugged tablet now available with Windows 10

Handheld Group is now offering a Windows 10 version of the popular ALGIZ 10X ultra-rugged tablet computer. ALGIZ 10X versions with Windows 7 and Windows 8 will remain available.
1/14/2016 : Press release

Handheld Announces ALGIZ 10X/Survey Software Combo

In the Woodland cemetery Carinthia (Friedensforst Kärnten), Austria, trees are precisely measured with the rugged ALGIZ 10X tablet PC and a GNSS/GPS Rover
11/18/2015 : Press release

Handheld launches its first ultra-rugged Android tablet - the best in class ALGIZ RT7

Handheld today announced the launch of its new Android tablet, the ALGIZ RT7. The ALGIZ RT7 is a powerful, lightweight and ergonomic 7-inch tablet designed for reliable performance in demanding environments.

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