Handheld's Quality Policy

Handheld has committed to continually improve the quality of our products as well as our internal and external communication, transactions and operations. In doing this we support the company's overall strategy and goals as well as our customers.

Our quality work is conducted by clearly delegating responsibility, establishing routines and actively following up on quality improvement measures. Our goal is systematic improvement measures, towards continuously improving quality.

Handheld also has a clear commitment to meet customer requirements and legal requirements connected to our products by setting high expectations for both our company and the suppliers with whom we work. These demands are met through extensive documentation both internally and from our suppliers.

  •  All employees are aware that the customer is the core of our business and that we develop additional value together
  • The Handheld management team is positive and engaged to create the circumstances to reach our quality goals
  • A long-term and genuine cooperation with all our suppliers makes us a responsible manufacturer of rugged mobile computers